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Week 5

The president of Mozambique will soon fall away and a new breed of leadership will arise which is the youthful generation and a youthful president will rise up in that country.A certain vocal male politician will silently be taken out of the country while sick and will die.A Certain news paper will permanently be closed. It will cease to operate but alot will be revealed about an attack on the media.

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Week 4

Yesterday, in the afternoon I suddenly felt weak allover and was lead to go into a room alone. A voice then told me to get a book and pen and I began to hear the following words.  A terrible tornado shall hit western japan. It will be cut off from power and property will be destroyed. A new move of the Spirit will be the message. Mega churches will rise up in the west of japan.

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Prophecy For 2014

In 2014 says the lord, i am calling upon you. There is an alignment a repositioning. I am calling everyone to get back to their right positioning in myself says the lord for whoever will be misplaced shall not stand the days to come. For only those who stand in their right positions, shall overcome, shall be victorious, shall stand the test of time in your nation says the Lord.

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Week 49

Floods in Cairo, an end of a certain chapter and the beginning of another. Egypt will be restored as a peaceful nation.Christian leaders take up positions.The vice president will be touched to accept the gospel.Something in Chad.Regime comes to an end.Current head goes.Chad will have a young president.Seychelles islands,something causes it to develop very fast.minerals discovered.A female leader rises up.

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Week 43

Let us pray for East Africa about terrorism. Let’s pray for Uganda as a nation but more specifically Kenya. I see an explosion in the north claiming people’s lives. God is not interested in death and that is why I say we pray. There will be a new generation that will rise across the globe of the youth that I have prophesied for the church in the last years not just in the church but in the world - globally.

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Living in the Supernatural – Part 2 - Sermon

We thank God everyday for the testimonies. There are some prophecies that we receive that are not in line with what we are going through at the moment. God knows what is going to happen to you in the future so He gives you a word of encouragement. There is a sister that I prophesied to some time back about sickness. I laid my hand on her and told her that God will give you health from head to toe and will deliver you on your death bed. Five months later she called me and told me that at the time she received that word, she thought I had missed it as she was not sick at all.

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Walking in the Supernatural - Sermon

We welcome out visitors once again and say this is a wonderful day and we expect to see more miracles and the move of God.  We have not yet given up on this month of October of acceptance. We still believe that.You know when a prophetic word does not work for you it does not mean that it did not work for others because there are people put there giving testimonies on this word.  

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Week 41

There will be a discovery of some minerals in Adjumani and Nebbi. Whatever will be discovered in those two places, I saw a neighboring country around that side trying to encroach in the country because of the wealth. The government will discover some strangers who were coming into the country to steal. But that place is going to change because of these discoveries and you will see it – in the name of Jesus.

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A Gift of Man makes room for him - Sermon

We thank God for the testimonies and the impact that the radio ministry is having on the people. We thank our visitors that are here and that have come through the radio ministry. There is a sister in our fellowship that gave birth to a baby girl. She and her husband were blessed and thankful because I had prophesied the sex of their child. So we thank God who can see that child before the child is born.

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Receiving the Acceptance – The Second Step - Sermon

We thank God for our visitors and for all the testimonies. I believe that if you do not have a testimony today, you will have one tomorrow or next week. We are in a journey of faith and we need to believe afresh each day. If you do not have a testimony today, believe that you shall have one tomorrow; do not give up. God is not limited by time; we are the ones who are limited by time.

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A Month of Acceptance - Sermon

The month of October God as spoken to us prophetically that it is a month of Acceptance. So declare this month of October as your month of acceptance. It does not matter how the past 9 months have been. We thank God for the month of September – it was a month of New Beginnings. We thank God that we are progressing and moving from new beginnings to acceptance!

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Remember not the former things, behold i do a new thing - Sermon

Thank God for the testimonies and that more are coming. I believe that you are encouraged by testimony. Our visitors we welcome you and we thank you all for the support for our Radio Ministry. We thank God for the over comers in this place. You know when you have men and women in your life who have a track record of prophesying in your life, never get tired of them speaking into your life.Always go back and have them prophesy to you.

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Why God Responds To People with Big Dreams - Sermon

Once again we give thanks to God for the multiple testimonies every week. Every day we face the challenge of people that criticize the Pentecostal movement but then that is not right with God. You know that God always looks at our strengths and not our weaknesses. As Christians we should avoid criticizing religions but focus more on protecting the church. We here at Eagles Wings Prophetic Ministry focus only on your strengths

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Faith and Dreaming Big - Sermon

We welcome our visitors and thank God for the testimonies.  This is a month of dreaming big and new beginnings.  We cannot stop dreaming big until something happens. There are people who end up intimidating others especially because of self pity.  I rebuke that spirit of self pity and I set you free from the past.  Some of us have been held back from what we want to get because we are still held in the past.  

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Week 36

Something unique in Uganda, clarity removes the cloud of confusion, the Spirit of God moves in judiciary exposing what is not good. A male figure in the judiciary passes on as a sign of a new beginning in the judiciary.A Prominent female Politician develops health complications and fights for her life. She is rushed out of Uganda in panic as many will think she is poisoned. God will raise a standard and people behind it will be exposed.

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