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Saturday, 13 April 2013 22:24
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Vision of the School of Prophecy

This vision was birthed in 2003. It is targeting every believer who desires to hear God’s voice for them. Key focus areas are:


i. Learning to hear God’s voice more clearly.

ii. Growing in wisdom to maturity for those with the prophetic gift.

iii. Relationship between the prophet and the other five fold ministry gifts mentioned in Ephesians 4:11




Level 1 – The Old Testament Ministry


The Old Testament teaching on the prophetic; here the student will appreciate:

A. The origin of prophecy

B. Foretelling versus forth telling

C. The prophetic inspiration methods


Level 2 – The three prophetic levels or dimensions

A. The Spirit of Prophecy

B. The Gift of prophecy

C. The Ministry of Prophet


Level 3 – The Making of the Prophet

In this level you learn the process that is involved in the making of a prophet


Level 4 – Walking on the Water

The student will learn how to start prophesying which we call “walking on the water”.


Level 5 – Handling a prophetic word

In this level, the student will learn how to handle a prophetic word.



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