Coming Revival

It shall be said “What is happening, where does he or she come from?”

For the Spirit of God says, I am doing something that will be a surprise and a shock within the house of the Lord. For I am raising up men and women that will not be accepted. But they shall have an encounter with me. But they will cause change, they will be instruments of the revival, instruments of what the Lord God is doing within his house. The men that will be like Gideon who was minding his own business and the Angel of the Lord appeared to him giving him an assignment to go and deliver the children of Israel, men that will be like Amos who was minding his own business and the lord came to him and told him, go and prophecy to the house of Israel yet formerly he was not a prophet before, in that category. We shall try to trace them, to find out the details but I am going to raise them as instruments of change and revival, they will not be compromising, yet I will use them to bring change, not just in the Church but even the change will affect this Nation.

They shall never be intimidated, they shall only tremble at the name of the Lord God, the God of the heavens and the earth, they shall speak the word as it is. They shall know and always remember that they are only accountable to the Lord God of the heavens and the earth, who sent them. Forget about what you know, forget about what you have been seeing, behold, I raise up Gideon's, behold, I raise up the Amos’s of this generation, they will rise up and no one will stop them. They shall speak my word and my hand shall back the word with signs and wonders and the nations shall tremble at my name, once again there will be fear of my Name, in this nation.

The Lord God speaks to me again, saying, I should prophecy about the shepherds. He says, that the shepherds that did not feed the flock and they just fed themselves, the lord says, I will cut them off and will give the flock to the shepherd that will feed them, God says, its not just Uganda, this is International, this is global, you shall hear news starting in November of how the bad Shepherd has been cut off, and the flock are given to the true Shepherd who will care for them. You shall hear in the news allover the world, for God says, I will bring the word of Ezekiel 34. It shall come back in your days, even starting November, all over the world says, the Lord.