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Week 40

God’s hand of judgement is on Nigeria. God is raising his hand against "boko haram". As a sign, there Shall be a deadly flood around the area where they are located. This is because they want to create a separate country out of Nigeria which is not of God.There is an imminent attack on the health of two politicians.These are Odinga and the president himself.Kenyans should pray for their leaders because the attack will be tied to  heart problems.

Also continue to pray against a helicopter crash in the North of Kenya.I see another attack in Paris. Some bad groups killing 20 People.

To the manipulators, hypocrites, those who believe they are gods. God says, there is no other God but him. They will be humbled. For God says, he knows the thoughts of the leaders who build kingdoms around themselves. God will not allow their plans to manifest. Watch these elections, with coalitions that are not of God. Even to other leaders, see what he does to them in 6 years. None of them will remain as a leader. I see drama, people pulling out, hiding things, these are exposed. Uganda is in a season of a major shift and there will be new leadership in 6 years. I will start to magnify my word in by December, you will know the eventual outcome of the February elections.


I see a shakeup in KCCA with leaders trying to resign. This is of God and for his glory. In Rwanda, whatever we heard about the third term plot is not of God. The same leader who backed this move, will ask for a review. In Gods timing his leadership was meant to last only 18 years.

The ministry of health will have a new minister which is of God. There will be many from the North appointed into ministerial positions.

The fighting going on between the two leaders in South Sudan is not of God. A youthful man will emerge as a new leader after these two fall. Under the new leadership, South Sudan will prosper and peace will be restored.

When I warned some of you about Sudan, you said “this man can’t be removed”. This man will not be in power within the next 6 years. He is not king of Khartoum. This word will be quickened in November. Pulling down strongholds, God is moving in the Sudan. God has seen the injustice in this nation, the persecution of his people. The Nebuchadnezzar of Khartoum will be uprooted.

I see a 5 storey building collapse in Ntinda and people arrested. Continue to pray that lives are spared. There will soon be a new speaker of parliament as the time for the incumbent in almost over.

Week 41
Week 35

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