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The Prophetic Word for 2017

The waiting is over. In 2017 you will not wait any more.The Lord says, it will be a year of reward according to what each of us has been doing. For those who have worshiped him in truth and Spirit will see a year of accomplishment. But those who have worshiped idols will be brought to shame for they will be greatly exposed. The lord Accompanied it with scripture from "Jeremiah 8:1-2"

At that time, “says the LORD, “they shall bring out the bones of the Kings of Judah, and the bones of its princes, and the bones of its priests and the bones of the prophets, and bones of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, out of their graves. They shall spread them before the sun and the moon and the entire host of heaven which they have loved and which they have served and after which they have walked, which they have sought and which they have worshiped. They shall not be gathered nor buried; they shall be like refuse on the face of the earth.”

I looked and behold a curtain was unveiled and I saw the glory of the lord coming upon his own people. The true church shall see Gods Glory than ever before in 2017, certain laws will be revised. The laws connected with presidential term limits will be revisited. There will be a big push for the restoration of presidential term limits. There will be an attempt to murder a certain powerful politician, a female, but she will survive and later pull out of her position.

The first four months of 2017 will bring about a change in the Bank of Uganda, Uganda Revenue Authority and Kampala Capital City Authority, for there will be a shaking from the top heads. The ministry of defense will see a major restructuring, even the UPDF. New faces will be given big responsibilities. We need to pray against some bad groups from DRC. They will be exposed from the East of DRC. I see UPDF entering DRC. We pray for the top politicians in that country. I see many getting health challenges in 2017.

I see they are praying for the top political head of this city. I see a life threatening health condition affecting this person. I see there is a crossing over, I see FDC people leaving their party. Very vocal members leaving in 2017. I see a new leader of the UPC. There will be a departure of the lady. I see an old man taking up the leadership of the UPC because the former one will be removed. There is something around May. God is going to turn round the economy of this country. There will be a touch of God that will revive the economy. There are some people that are going to be arrested in Mbale. 8 People that came through Kenya will be arrested as they will have bad intentions.

Pray for the health of our leader.


I see favor increase on the leader of Kenya. May the favor of God increase upon him because as I speak, he is going through some personal challenges, the Lord says, he is going to belittle those who stand in his way because God knows why he put him there. He will experience more favor and I see the former president Moi, we are praying for him.

Rest of Africa

I see something happening in Chad. I see riots, more of the youth. There is a leader who will take over the presidency. There is a falling of certain leaders in 2017. The mighty are falling for thus saith the Lord, when they fall, they will not rise again. In their hearts they said, nothing shall remove them, In their hearts they said, we ourselves have become gods. For the Lord says, I will dethrone them, I will dethrone them in the coming year. The Spirit of the Lord says, you will see a lot happening in the south of Africa. Because they said, “no one can remove me, I am beyond them”. God says, “I will dethrone them”. When I warned and cautioned, they did not give hid, God says, “ I am working in this nation”. The lord I am speaking about, Young as it is, they have refused to take hid. The lord says, in the nation of South Sudan, I will do as I will, as I purpose. I will cripple a leader. When that happens, I will be dethroning this leader, says the Lord. It is my will that peace starts to manifest next year says the Lord.


Middle East

Many have interpreted the scriptures to suit their own understanding of the Middle East conflict. Some have said, that the president of Syria will not go. And they look for scriptures to support their beliefs. Thus says, the Lord, coming this year, you will see the move of my Spirit in that nation. For the Spirit of God says, the present leader has served his time. I will now begin to weaken his hands because I am preparing a new chapter in that nation says the Lord. And it shall come to pass that whoever interpreted the scriptures in their own interest shall be ashamed for I will do as I purpose and no man will stop what I decide to do in the Middle East promises the Spirit of the living God.

Many are wondering what will emerge from the present confusion surrounding the presidential election in Gambia. The Spirit of God says; do not be afraid for my will has already prevailed. The Lord says, I uprooted he that insists on staying.

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