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Week 12

Some people were supposed to lose their lives in a plane crash but they are going to be saved. It will be a Kenyan plane.  They will be saved narrowly.  It will be in the news.God says “the weather patterns will change in this nation. You are familiar with rain; the rainy and dry season” but God says “even that which you see in the countries of the west, the mist and the ice, which are strange to a country like Uganda will happen”.

I see mist covering the nation for a whole day and even cars cannot move as drivers cannot see where they are going.  “This shall be a symbol of my Glory that will be once more revealed in this nation Uganda” says the Spirit of the Lord. And God says “the enemy has no power over this country, I am in full control and my plans concerning this nation shall be fulfilled” says the Spirit of the Living God.A politician, gentleman, Muganda by tribe who is currently not active in politics, I see something happening to him.  It is something to do with the heart condition but God will spare him, God will save him.

I see some chaos happening in a family of a certain prominent politician. This politician is not an MP but a Minister. His wife will fall sick. All that will be in the media. God says that this shall be used as a sign to show that the days of that person being in that position are over. He shall not die but will leave the ministerial position that he is in now.

God says the new breed of youth, the new breed that I have prophesied coming into power in East Africa, God says it will be very effective in Kenya says the Spirit of the Lord.  A sign of passing away of two elderly politicians will be very soon.  It will happen at almost the same time. They are elderly and have been presidents before and their time is coming very soon; they shall pass away at about the same time.

God says I will use that as a symbol to show you that the new breed of youth is coming. They shall take over and be presidents over East Africa especially in Kenya.   God says that when you see the passing away of those two top politicians then you shall know that the time for the youth has come; the youth shall become very active in politics in the East African region says the Spirit of the Living God.

Week 13
The Kingdom of God is Power - Sermon

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