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Week 42

And the Spirit of the Lord says, for it was a prayer that was taught. It was taught even to the disciples. That the kingdom of God come and the will of the Lord be done, that it be done in the heaven, even the earth should be in alignment. I hear the Spirit of God saying that in this nation when i am exalted when i am lifted, shall i also lift this nation to greater levels and greater heights.

And the Spirit of the Lord says but when i am not exalted, shall i also bring down a nation. For the Lord says a lot has been happening and i have been speaking and i continue to speak even to cause men to wake up. To cause men to arise and do the things that are right.For the Lord says, they that did not acknowledge and exalt me, they shall see themselves going down and down and down, for the Spirit of God says, that even the month of December, even the month of January, even the month of February and March, the Lord says, those four months, for they that did not exalt and magnify me, i will bring them down in those months, For the Lord says, all this will start within my house and shall even go out in the entire nation.

For you shall see many going down and down in December, going down and down in January, going down and down in February and March and it shall come to pass that i will raise those that have lifted my name, those that did not stand in my way. I shall lift them up and the fear of the Lord shall fill their hearts and they shall walk in the true fear of God knowing that I am the Lord.

All satanic altars in the high places shall be dealt with, for the Spirit of the Lord says that the time has come and now is the time that all the satanic altars that have been raised up in the high places in the political arena, for i will bring them down and they shall be burnt to ashes and those that put their trust in them shall be put to shame promises the Spirit of the Living God. My name shall be exalted in this nation, shall be exalted even in this city, for the Lord says that something shall be done in KCCA, that my name shall be lifted even in this organization. for the Lord says, they that did not raise my name on high shall be brought down even that. The Lord opens my eyes to see, i see that office, of the Mayor thing, i see there are changes that will come. I see a Lady, a woman, in that position. A woman shall be raised up and the Lord will put that Lady in that position, the woman who fears God, the woman who lifts the name of the Lord on high. Kampala will expand come next year and become even bigger and bigger.

Russia – China – Israel

That thing that was concealed and done in secret shall be exposed, for the Lord says, for i saw that which was planned. I visited and i saw the meetings of the leaders and what they were discussing. what they had planned to do, even as they planned something which is evil against Israel, but the Spirit of the Lord says all that they planned shall be exposed and they shall fail for the Lord says, that i saw what Russia what doing. I saw what china was doing and their evil plots and plans were exposed because they planned something evil against Israel, but the Lord says that it is all exposed and the Lord says, that i will cause the King of Russia, the one that is a King to them, i will cause him to crumble and he shall fall and rise no more. The Lord says that he that rises and plots evil against the nation of Israel, i will contend with them, says the Lord. For God says, 2018 shall be a year of great exposure of that which was being planned and plotted against Israel. And the Lord says, Israel has been silent, nothing was moving on. The Lord says, there will be no more silence, for God says all their evil plots shall fail promises the Spirit of the Living God.



The Lord says that, that which the enemy had planned, even in Kenya shall not work. The bloodshed that the enemy had planned to bring in that nation. The Lord says it shall not come to pass for thus says the Lord, i have anointed and favored Kenyatta to be the president of that nation and all the plans of the enemy to bring bloodshed shall be nullified by my Spirit says the Lord.

Week 46
Week 39

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