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Awake Awake that slumber in my House

The word of the Lord comes to me this day of 2nd-April-2020
The nations are terrified coming what is happening, they are now wondering whether this is the end of the world. Thus saith the Lord God, when you said when will the Lord come back ever since He declared that HE is coming back soon. You said it can't be true because many years have passed and nothing is happening, you decided to doubt my word and you went on to live your own lives, Oh you nations of the world.

However this is not the end but a reminder of the signs that I declared through my Holy prophets in the Holy scriptures. Thus saith the Lord, awake awake that slumber in my house, position yourself and do what is required of you in these last days. For behold you are in the last days and my glory is released more upon the faithful and sincere in heart. For I said in my word that once more I shall shake the heavens and the Earth for your sakes. This is happening now and the Earth shall be awakened greatly in the earth. Behold the king of the east who claims to be the dragon shall be brought down, for his nation shall be shaken and the earth shall pour her judgment on that land of the East and other Asian nations.

Thus saith the Lord, this epidemic is soon ending, for I will save my people who have acknowledged me as LORD over their nations and have prayed with sincere hearts. In this season my church should focus on the blood of the lamb of God.

That blood that was shed is your victory as a church and declare it on top of your voices.For thus saith the Lord, you are coming out victorious.

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