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Week 3

Dream received during the week by Prophet Alpha: In the first dream I saw a disastrous event in London that will lead to the loss of many lives. I saw an arrow emerge from a great sea targeting London. When it hit London, there was loss of many lives.In the second dream I saw a great war that will rise in a small nation. I also saw America being accused of supporting this nation.

While America denied their involvement, there was glaring proof that vindicated the allegations. I saw Hi-Tech fighter jets being given to the small nation. The world got concerned of an impending great war.


There shall soon be a sudden cabinet reshuffle.

  • A child of a certain prominent politician shall be imprisoned in a certain country over charges that shall prove to be true.
  • A prominent bank will sell off its brand. This will come as a shock to its clients as it has always been considered a strong brand.
  • There is a plot to bring down a certain man of God in this country. There shall be allegations against him basing on evidence found in his house. While he isn’t one of the well-known servants of God, this shall be the work of the devil but the Lord shall be the vindicator. He shall stand by His servant in the name of the Lord Jesus.
  • There will be oil discovery around Lake Kyoga in this season of discovery.


A time of shake up is coming soon in Southern Sudan. This is not the will of God. Some people are rising up and creating a bad environment for the president. A lot of rumors will be spread. Their intention is to interfere with the current leadership and work plan for the nation. The period of his presidency will be short lived.


  • A prominent figure in the United States politics is going to receive a shaking in her life. It shall be about her health. News of her health complications shall be broadcast on Aljazeera and CNN.
  • Even Great Britain shall be shaken says the Lord. I got my prophet to unveil shakings on leadership in the Royal Family. I am moving in my Spirit to tell the nation to return to me, even when I used them as vessels to tell the world about me, in this season I bring a shaking upon them because they have left me. Oh you Great Britain you shall look unto me and return to me. Your wealth and leadership shall not save you. Even your friends the United States, a storm shall rise in the United States and these signs shall be as a way to bring you back to me. You have heard of storms but this time there shall be earthquakes, says the Spirit of the Lord.
  • There is a need to pray for Philippines as I see a storm wreaking havoc leading to loss of many lives.


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