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Week 18

We shall continue to pray about a revelation that was given here, a certain prophecy about a spiritual leader dying. I told you it was the will of God. But somehow I pray that God postpones the death.  When the prophecy came forth, I did not have a clear vision of the person. In the course of this week, i received a clear vision about this person.  This event will affect  many, especially the Pentecostal movement because this person is a very influential man of God in this movement.

I saw him pass away in a dream and I could see the pain among the people in the Pentecostal movement.  We need to pray more about accidents because in this dream I saw him die by a car accident. Even I, was grieved in this dream.  The spirit of accidents is a very bad spirit and many men of God have been taken this way. We need to pray for our pastors and spiritual leaders.


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