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Week 12

Last night just before i slept, i listened as the spirit revealed to me about a person with life threatening health complications that is about to lose his position. When i inquired who this person was, the spirit of God revealed to me that this is the spokesman of NRM.There is a male prominent journalist and i see a plot to murder him. This is symbolic of an attack on the media.

I see into the statehouse of Kenya, i see intruders entering and ready to cause havoc. To this we speak protection and cancel every plan of the enemy.

And the Lord says, there shall be huge harvest of souls across the globe in your days. I will win many souls in nations that you least expected. Those nations that worship idols, even the nation of india.They will turn away from worshipping of idols to worshipping a true God. Thus says the Lord, i am moving in the city of mumbai against every satanic altar. i have risen to bring many souls to my kingdom. There shall be as a sign, floods in that city and a train crash in a place where there is significant idol worship. Watch and see what i do in this nation where there is idol worship, says that spirit of the Lord.

In relation to the death of an opposition politician in Russia, i see this was plotted. In the spirit i see that putin doesn't have much time, because it shall be from within his allies that his downfall shall arise. Some from within his inner circle shall even attempt to take his life.


Week 13
Week 4
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