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A New Beginning in Africa - The Glory in Asia: China - India

I am giving you access to the hidden treasures, the very things that have been hidden for years, for seasons, the Lord says, they are no longer hidden, by my Spirit for this hidden treasures I will reveal to you. I release the innovation grace upon you. The grace to pioneer, to innovate new ideas that are not laying with the traditions, yet you shall prosper in them, says the Lord.

The old structures are shaken, awake, awake, awake oh you the great lake region of Africa, for the old, the old, the old is removed, embrace the new thing that I am doing. For you awaken this season oh you the great lake region of Africa, of the east of Africa. You are awakened from your slumber, says the Lord.For behold a new season, a new beginning is manifesting in the great lake region of East Africa and in the South of Africa and this shall be the sign.

There shall be an earth quake that shall pass through the East African countries. They will be saying, the earth quake has passed through the rift valley. They will be saying an earth quake in the rift valley. But the Lord says, that it is an awakening of something new, a new structure that is being raised up, says the Spirit of the Living God, there shall be an earth quake in Congo, there shall be an earth quake in Zambia, there shall be earth quake in the rift valley, Uganda shall be shaken, for the earth shall shake, but God says, it shall be a sign, that the system, that the structures are changing and many shall be forced to wake up because I am doing a new thing, a new chapter, that has come to East Africa says the Spirit of the Living God.

The Spirit of God says, I break the hand of the suppressor that has suppressed my work suppressed my work in Asia, in China, in China. The Lord says, the church in China that has been suppressed. The Lord says, that I am breaking the hand of the suppressor in the nation of China. The regime shall be shaken in China, the leadership shall be shaken in China, for by that God says, for the hand of the suppressor is broken says the spirit of the living God. I see china right now, part of the scene I am seeing, people getting tired of the regime, I am seeing riots, I am seeing riots in the major cities of china. They are saying, come what may, we are tired of this, we are tired of this, when they said that China there is dictatorship. God says, I am breaking the stronghold of dictatorship in China. And God says also, I will fight idolatry in India, India shall continue to embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, many turning to Jesus, stopping the worship of Idols, turning to the light, to the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

And it shall come to pass within India, even as Isaiah beheld a vision in his visions in Isaiah chapter 6, when the prophet Isaiah said, “in the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord”. The Lord says in the nation of India, there shall be a passing away of a big name in that country and behold my Glory shall come forth in the nation of India, for everything that was blocking the full manifestation of my Glory in that nation is being removed, says the Lord.

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