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Week 47

The Spirit of God says, it was a time of labor and the time was ripe in the 1990s that something was birthed in this nation. There was a wave, there was a grace that I released upon this nation in the 1990s and as they walked the way some diverted, some remained on the path of righteousness and some became servants of men. Servants of men, they took orders from mere men,

they took orders from mammon because mammon controlled them but behold I do a new thing in this nation. For the lord says in 2019 onwards there will be a new breed for some have said that a new breed is already here but I say no.For the new breed shall come forth from 2019. There will be a new breed that will manifest. Some will be part of what is happening, but there will be new faces from 2019, Men and Women that will be conscious of my presence. They will be conscious.

They will be in divine alignment with heaven, for they shall speak and they shall be the real representatives of my kingdom and I shall back them. My hand shall work miracles in every place that I will send them. Be prepared you nation for a certain harvest for a certain release in 2019 and you shall see it, see it, says the Spirit of the Living God. Not just in church but in politics, there will be a new, a new breed, new faces that will come on the scene from 2019 says the Lord God.

The Prophetic Word for 2018
Week 42
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