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Week 29

I am fighting delusion and lies within my house, says the Spirit of the Living God. For this is not the first time. For, I spoke in the past. I have been speaking of a day and a time that will come, that the same scenario that happened in the days of the early Church , when two dropped dead in the house because of lies and fear came back to the church. God says, I will resist and I will fight delusion

in the church and it shall be exposed, it shall be exposed. Come out of lies oh you my People, stand for the truth, stand for the truth and the truth is the Word. The Word who is Christ himself. Stand for the truth and come out of the lies. Nobody shall be sustained by the lies.For thus says the Lord I will shake the foundation of that which was built on lies, it shall be shaken and it shall crumble and it shall come to pass that even as it was prophesied by the early prophets, prophesying upon the nation, the Kingdom of Babylon and they said when they heard the voice of the Angel who spoke and said, Babylon the Great has fallen, so shall it be in these days.

For says, the Spirit of the Living God, as even as I begin now to shake the foundation of that which was not built on truth and it was built on delusion and lies. And there shall be fear. Fear of my name shall be restored, shall come back within the house, within the house, within the house, within the house. Says, the Spirit of the Living God.

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