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Week 52

The Lord says, that, do not be afraid, for you shall finish the journey. For the Lord says, that I am speaking unto those that have remained faithful and have kept the path that I set before them that I am with you and you are not fainting. You shall continue to walk the journey, even as I gave Elijah divine ability when I sent the Angel to give him what to eat. God says,

I am releasing fresh oil unto those that are faithful and they shall not fail, they shall continue to walk the journey, they shall be men and women who have set their heart out to seeking my face.
They shall be consumed with that passion of just seeking and being in my presence because they are no longer down cast.

For I am lifting them up and I am divinely enabling them to keep walking the journey that I have set for them. And it shall come to pass, that there will be a transfer of mantle even in the time and season that is coming. For the Lord says, in the next two years, 2019 and 2020, there will be transfer of mantle for as Elijah transferred the mantle to Elisha, there will be a transfer of the mantle to my own Elisha’s, who are humble, who are full of Love, and even as that happens, I will take away those that have pioneered a certain movement after they have transferred the mantle unto the Elisha’s of the season. I shall take them back, I shall withdraw them from the earth, for the Glory of my name, says the Lord.

A Year of Purging and a Year of Sheaving
Week 49
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