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Week 30

Uganda:There is an attack on animals in Mbarara. There are going to be strange diseases not common ones attacking the animals. And the Lord’s word in regard to that is, God wants to display His power in that place. The diseases will be strange, very, very strange but the message is that God will reveal his power in the district of Mbaraba says the Spirit. It will not just be in the animals but even in poultry and birds, all disease will be strange.

There will be a lady in Uganda, you have heard of Sebutinde, there is another lady who is about to shine in this country on the international scene. The Lord says when the time comes, the message will be about ladies in this country taking up the big positions. Forget about the Kamyas and the Mama Miria, there are going to be some powerful women that are going to come up in the presidential race. They are going to shake big names that we know here. They are about to rise up, they are going to rise up, they are going to rise up.


South Africa: There is going to be a revolution in South African. I was seeing a vision of the youth rising up in South Africa. And there is a particular youth who was heading a party; his fellow youth were backing him when time for revolution came. This will be a sign of the end to a certain age ruling the country. A breed of youth will be taking over presidency in this nation.

Zimbabwe: I had a vision about Zimbabwe; the chances of the Opposition candidate are becoming lower and lower for him to become president. But I saw that there will be a new breed, this breed will break away from the Mugabe’s party. They will be youth and also Zimbabwe will be taken to such a time of youthful leaders, not many days from now.

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