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Seeing Jesus - Sermon

Greetings from Alpha - I welcome the visitors to Eagle’s Wings Prophetic ministry and thank you for supporting and listening to the radio programs.  I believe that you are being blessed.  Miracles still happen and this is a place for miracles and your miracle is about to come.  You shall soon testify about money, uncommon favor and that car.  Some of you, your cars have delayed but do not lose hope because that car, land or scholarship shall come.


 You shall travel.  God is not a son of man to lie.We receive prophetic words and every time we receive them there is resistance. Actually one of the ways to know that it is from the Lord, it must face resistance. If God’s plans for your life are big or global, even the opposing force will be in proportion to that word.

So I encourage you, do not give up. Some of you that are in the midst of that storm do not close the chapter. Keep your faith strong because God is going to do it.  And He is not doing it because of your good works because he does not want you to boast.  He is doing it because He loves you through Christ Jesus.  So whatever He has said He is going to do.  But keep your faith deep knowing that He that has spoken the word is watching over it and it will never return to Him in void. Do not give up no matter the situation.  In the next 4 months, something can still happen in 2013.

Pastor Julius received a scholarship for his Bachelor of Law degree.  God has lifted a weight off his shoulders.  Now what God has done for him, he can do for you too.  God is about to cause people to panic, to give you what they are meant to give you.  Even those that have been stubborn are about to panic and will give you what is yours while panicking, asking for apologies because God is in a season of doing miracles. God is about to surprise you. The first Friday of October is a Friday of thanksgiving and we are going to bless each other.  I decree that by that day, God shows you who to bless and what to bless them with.


Sermon – Seeing Jesus by Pastor Godfrey Kasaija

There is nothing as good as seeing Jesus.  You may have seen a lot of things but there is nothing that can be likened to seeing Jesus.  There is no one that has ever seen Jesus and remains the same.  I am not talking about reading about Jesus.  The problem we have in the church today, Christians have the theoretical Jesus; they have a Jesus they were trained about, or heard about, or read about.  But something that can help you and turn your life around is seeing Jesus; the one you read about, heard about or talk about; seeing Him in His real self. Christianity today is lacking depth, purity, reality and strength just because few Christians have seen Jesus.  We can talk about Jesus but it is another thing to see him in person.


Jesus is not a thing.  He was a living person when here on earth and even today He is a living person; a divine being.  He has a personality; he is not just a book or a right doctrine.  You may have a right doctrine but that shall not help your life. You may have all sorts of Bibles talking about Jesus from the Amplified to the King James but they shall not change you unless you see Jesus in His real self.  Let me give you an example; in 1 John 1:2-3 – John says what we have heard and seen with our eyes, that which we have looked upon and handled with our hands concerning the word of life that is what we are teaching you. What John was trying to say to us is that true Christianity is not trained, nor read, nor based on another’s revelation.  They did not have another’s revelation, they had a reality of what they had heard, seen and touched with their own hands and that is what they taught. We can see that from how they touched people’s lives.  We here are all Christian and the Bible says that we are witnesses of Christ. But if you ever go to any court of law, they always ask for evidence.


Evidence that is valid is that from a witness that actually was present and saw what happened at a scene.  One that has just heard from someone else is always dismissed.  We are in time when we are meant to give witness of Christ, we testify about Him and preach about Him, but our testimonies at times do not have impact because we do not have evidence of that which we talk about. You have never seen Him or heard Him. Jesus made a statement to the disciples saying you have never seen or heard and that is why the word of God is not in you.  You diligently seek the scriptures for life, yet life is not in the scripture but in Me.  But you refuse to come to where there is life.  Remember when Jesus came He said “come to Me”.  He did not call you to a congregation or a church or a denomination but He called you to Him. When John the Baptist was preaching, he said “behold the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world”.  I need you to receive revelation on those words.  He did not say see the book or doctrine or nice Pastor.


Today we give witness of Pastors, Prophets or Evangelists.  We always say to others “come to our church, we have a beautiful place and a loving pastor.”  That is what we have seen.  Some people open the Bible and have arguments over what is holy to eat and what isn’t.  However, those that have seen Christ do not have those arguments because they testify of what they have seen! We open the Bible because we have not seen Christ.  I am not saying the Bible is bad but it is one of the reasons that have hindered people from seeing Christ.  People hold the Bible and think it is God.  Jesus is not a book!!  I pray that you see Jesus because He is the only one that was anointed to change your life; He is the only one that has salvation and what you need and He is the only one God gave willingly to the people.  The Bible says God loved the world and gave us His only Son.  When God loved the world, He did not give us a book!  I am not bringing a new Doctrine.  The Bible is like an album, it is an album of Jesus’ life.  An album gives you images of someone but is not the real person.


When you see Jesus, all in your life gets better.  When He comes even with just a smile or a wave or just a touch or a handshake, you cannot remain the same; your life settles.   The problem today is that the church does not have the hunger to see Jesus.  We are satisfied with the book, with the teachings, with doctrines.  But Jesus is not a doctrine but a person who loves us.  He said that those that love me, I shall appear to them (John14:21).  That is what Jesus wants; that if you love Him and yearn for Him, He appears to you and takes you away from just religion.  You may have gone to many people to pray for you but your life is not changing.  Maybe prayer is not what you need.  God designed your solution and that solution is in Jesus Christ. Until you see Him, your life will not change.  When you see Him even problems won’t move you; you remain at peace.  When you look at Paul, he was tortured and beaten but he was not moved; he said that all that I saw as profitable, I saw as foolishness.  When He saw Jesus, His life changed.  Stephen was being stoned and as they were stoning him the heavens opened and he saw Jesus standing there.  When Stephen saw Jesus, he said do whatever you do; fear left him.  Death in the eyes of Jesus becomes nothing.  What worries you today as Christian, what keeps you awake is because you have not seen Jesus.


When you see Jesus as He is, the things of the world will no longer have an impact on you.  You shall begin to talk like Paul did. You know today the church is yearning more to see material things than to see Jesus.  No one who sees Jesus sees cars or spouses as important. When you see Him, all these things begin to follow you because Jesus acts like a magnet.  That is why He says seek first the Kingdom of God and all the rest will fall in line.  The Kingdom cannot be there without a king. When he says seek first the kingdom it means seek Him first.  There is a man in Luke chapter 2 called Simeon.  When Jesus was taken to the temple, he came in the spirit, held the baby in his arms and said “Father, now you can call back your servant for I have seen salvation”.  Mary and Joseph had brought Jesus to the temple to do to him according to the law.  They were the parents of Jesus but did not know Him.  But the man who came in Spirit knew Him and was ready to die because he had seen.  He did not get much, no money, or land or a car – he just saw Jesus and was ready to die.  In the church today, people have not seen Jesus, they have seen people preaching and congregations.  If we are to be helped we need to see Jesus.  When Jesus says you are going to die you do not get afraid but are instead filled with joy because He has said it.  When He opens doors no one can close them.  When he speaks nothing can change; the Bible says that His word is Yes and Amen!


Luke 19:1-10 tells us of a man called Zacchaeus.  He was a sinner because he was a tax collector. Those days all tax collectors were called sinners because they used to collect taxes and take them to the Romans who were enemies of the Jews.   Secondly he was a short man; thirdly he was rich man and fourthly he greatly desired to see Jesus. We shall focus on the fourth part.  He greatly desired to see Jesus as He was; that is what verse 3 says.  The person writing was reporting so he used past tense but it would have been and he greatly desires to see Jesus as He is.  You know you may have seen Him as He was but you need to see Him now as He is.  Do you know Him as He is? John in Revelations saw Him as He is and said “I saw Him as He is and I fainted; I was as if dead.”  You cannot see Him and the things of the flesh remain alive.  You know John was thrown on an Island of wild animals of all kinds; hungry ones.  He must have been scared to life and calling on the help of the Lord in each moment.   That is when Jesus appeared to Him. I believe from then on fear left Him.  He no longer saw the animals but began to see things of the heavens.


The things of the earth died and he was focused; seeing things of the heavens.  What are you seeing? Zacchaeus desired to see the Lord, he must have had read about Him and heard a lot about Him.  The interesting thing about Zacchaeus, even having heard a lot of revelations about Jesus from others he felt that all he had heard and read was not changing him or having an impact on him.  He wanted to see Him in His real self; he was not satisfied with the testimonies of other people.  You need to have your own story of Jesus; some of us have someone else’s story.  History has two words in it – ‘His’ & ‘Story’ – but Jesus wants us to have our own story; your own.  You can call it ‘Youstory’ or ‘mystory’. You too have heard and read a lot about Him, it is time for you to say, what does Jesus look like because it is His promise that He shall appear to those that love Him.  Jesus after resurrection appeared to the disciples for 40 days.  Though He said happy are those that believe without seeing; He appeared to them that they may have proof.  He also wants you to have the same proof; that you may have a substantial Jesus. Substantial Jesus does not mean material things but to have a faith that moves things because of what we have seen.


The problem is we no longer move with Jesus yet the Bible says we should walk with Jesus. When a problem comes we start to look for him.  For those in the New Testament there is no ‘looking’ for Jesus.  Those that look for Him seek to know Him more because He already looked for them.  We look for Him today because we left Him somewhere.  Even Mary and Joseph lost Him because they had left Him in the Temple; in His Father’s house.  If you did not leave Him behind, you would not be looking for him. He is never lost.  We need to seek to know Him more, to see Him, to understand the glory of the One that we are with. Have you ever seen Jesus?  Begin to seek to see Him.  I read the Testimony of TL Osborn and how his ministry was transformed after seeing Jesus.  He saw the lame walk and the blind see after he had seen Him.  When Paul saw Jesus, Jesus said to him, I want you to go and tell people what you have seen and what I shall show you.  Jesus did not say go and tell people what you have learnt in the Bible College.


When Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus, it is said he did all he could; he left the crowd and climbed the tree.  There are groups and crowds that you are in that surround you and limit you from seeing Jesus.  Whatever is limiting you, you need to leave that crowd today in order for you to see Him.  The desire upon your heart, the hunger you have is what shall make the difference.  Be blessed!

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