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Week 35

Democratic Republic of Congo There will be a chopper that will on the land of DRC.  It is a big chopper, some people will shoot it and it will come down. The Lord says that that very group has no future.  God says that when the chopper comes down it will be a sign of the beginning of their coming down themselves says the Spirit of the Living God. 

And also the Lord says that when you see that happen there will be a change in that country from the top of the leadership.  God is interested in a change in that nation.  God loves the leadership but in the Spirit that is what I see and we shall see that.  That ADF will come down (now let me be specific).  There has been tension in the country but God will bring that group down says Spirit of the Living God.


I do not know what is or has been happening in Turkey but I see a scenario of Syria in Turkey; it will also get the world’s attention; but Turkey will beat that height. The Lord say Christianity will penetrate that world.  Christianity will dominate that country even in top leadership; top leadership that will take over in Turkey will be Christians says the Spirit.  And also the Spirit shows me that there will also be a natural change and change that is a sign that God is moving in that country. In fact I see an earthquake; there will be an earthquake. It will be global news (the earthquake) and it will leave some people dead but the Spirit of God is moving in that nation; the gospel shall be preached in that nation.  It will be widely spread says the Spirit.


Very soon a very significant lady, a political figure, will resign.  And she will know why she is resigning because a lot will be revealed after she has pulled out. I am not talking about the speaker but a certain female.  But she knows it and it is good for the nation.  But I shall not give the name, but I have mentioned this before and it is coming to me again.

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