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Week 40

We have entered a season as a country in which the true character on certain personalities will be revealed. When these events start to happen, the stories of Sejjusa that you have been hearing about in the news will be forgotten about. Other big names in the army will be at the forefront in the media.Their heart was not right from the beginning,however, the time for exposure is now.

For thus says the lord, the time and hour for the new chapter in the politics of this nation is now. Over the years, i have spoken about youth rising up and you are about to see it, Says the Spirit. Youthful men and women shall take up big positions in Government.

You will see old figures being cut off, others resigning and others succumbing to natural death. You are about to see youthful ministers heading Ministries. The time is now. Its the work of my Spirit says the Lord, because I am doing a new thing in the church using physical signs in your nation to show that there is a Fresh Oil upon my church. The exploits you will see, the ones you have been reading about, are going to real to you in your days as my Church, says the Lord. The anointing I am about to release in this season, no generation has seen it before. It is new.

For God says, even before men and women lay hands upon my people, I myself will touch & heal my people when they are in my presence, i will be the first to work on them and by this, you shall know that , I am ever in your midst, Says the Spirit. You said that the devil was competing with me, but your God says, the enemy will never be on the same level with me. For I am he that created lucifer whom the world worships. I am proving myself in these days, that I am a Mighty GOD.That I am superior to lucifer and it shall be evident in my house, says the Lord.

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