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Prophetic Word for 2015

The word for 2015 says "a fresh anointing for the body of Christ in Uganda.The Lord is preparing to take a way some of HIS generals and this will usher in a new generation of leaders.Miracles of raising the dead will become part of the church.There is an increase of authority and power in the church which will bring judgement to some as it was with the early church".

I saw in the spirit that Uganda's mission in Somali is soon ending.I see groups of UPDF soldiers returning to Uganda. The position of Nasasira will see a change. FDC party's current leader will face a tough time as many will turn against him.Also the president of DP will see a challenge in his party due to a split in that party. 

I saw an attack on the health of the president of Tanzania. I also saw a spirit of assassination on the president of Somalia. The president of DRC will go through another trying moment in his leadership because another bad group will rise from Goma. Presidents in the South of Africa need prayers.There is an attack on their health which is a threat to their lives.I see South Africa and the neighboring countries of South Africa.

End Time
This year of 2015 will start to see the unfolding of the prophecy of Ezekiel concerning Gog and Magog.Russia will entertain an evil thought concerning Israel.Iran is working underground in Syria but Israel is awakened to these plots and God will avenge for Israel.

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