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Week 24

I sense this, but it is not going to be heavy, it is not going to be alarming; in the Spirit it is like I am already there.  There is going to be a shaking here in Kampala; there is going to be an earthquake in this city.  The Lord says there is a connection to that; the Lord says that I am shaking the foundations of the enemy, the satanic altars.  This spiritual shaking will manifest as an earthquake in the Natural Realm.

Some of you are panicking, afraid that buildings shall fall on you when in office – I pray it happens in the night – but it shall not be very dangerous. The Lord wants us to take note of the spiritual significance of this event.

I do not know what is happening in the country now but I see a season of riots, deadly riots in Spain. I also see floods.  These things shall happen especially in the capital city, Madrid.  I do not know if the country has ever been ruled by a female but I see a female rising up as a president, they shall have a female president and it shall happen in a surprising way. The Lord says that when the changes with these riots begin, there is a generation of youth that I shall raise up in the nation. The youth shall take up political positions. And it shall be among the nations in the latter days, says the Spirit of God, which will be led by youth.

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