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Week 13

There are changes in URA; in top management. Big names in URA are being removed. It shall be in the news and people shall say ‘even this one has been removed?’  There will be changes in the leadership of URA in not many days from now. It is all good, nothing is bad.God says there will be strong ties between Uganda and China. Even the President of China will visit Uganda, I see him visiting Uganda to strengthen the ties between the two countries. There shall be more opportunities for Uganda goods exported to China; the trade relationship will become stronger and stronger and stronger.


To those attending fellowship meeting

I see the Spirit of God here today delivering people from their past. There have been things that have been standing in your way, that you have been struggling with but God is bringing deliverance to people today.


And the Lord says a leader shall resign before his time of office; I see that in the nation of Egypt. The President of Egypt is going to resign. And the Lord says, the Spirit of the Lord shall move in the North of Africa. God says I will move in the north of Sudan; Northern Sudan. I will change the leadership of Northern Sudan says the Spirit of the Living of God. I see that top person is not reigning for a long time. I see someone who is under him taking up the nation; the leadership of the nation.

And God says there is a purpose in all these things, the things that are happening to those Northern African countries.  God says it is a new era for those countries, a change in these countries. And God says, the nations of the Middle East will seek the favour of Egypt to align with them to embark on what they want to do against the nations that are fighting against them but God says they failed in the past and so again shall they fail this time.

Thus says the Lord “for all that you see and hear, they are indications of the bigger things that are about to manifest in the world. When you see North Korea, when you see Iran aligning with North Korea, it’s a pointing of the things that are about to show up in the world. For God says even as North Korea continues to oppose America and even Iran joins North Korea. God says even Russia shall rise and Russia shall prove that in the days to come it intends to start a war with USA.


The Power of Resurrection - Sermon
Week 12

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